About the Journal

"Development of Education" is a scientific journal presenting the results of research in the field of pedagogy, psychology and related fields of humanitarian knowledge. Thematically focused on general pedagogical issues and specific problems of psychology primarily related to educational problems, the publication is addressed to the Russian and foreign scientific community whose field of interest is the latest results of fundamental and applied research applicable to the educational sphere.

All the articles published in the journal go through independent and editorial peer-reviewing.

The journal has an editorial board and an editorial council.

Papers are accepted for publication in Russian, English and Chuvash languages.

Aims and scope

The main aim of the journal is the highlighting of problems actual for discussion in the international community and the publication of research works of theoretical and practical relevance for the educational sphere.

Main goals

  • to create a platform for the discussion of academic scientific and educational research;
  • to create conditions for the development of research activities of specialists in the field of education.

Journal plans

  • increase of the part of publications of leading foreign researchers on problems interesting to their Russian colleagues in the field of education.

New volume numeration of the journal since 2021

The volume and current issues of the journal "Development of Education" are brought into compliance with international quality standards of scientific periodicals for the correct identification of issues of the journal.

In accordance with the international standards for the publication of scientific journals, the volume numbering of the printed publication "Development of Education" indicates the current year since the founding of the journal. The magazine was founded in 2018. So, in 2021, the current volume number is volume 4, in 2022, volume 5 is expected, etc.

The volume numeration does not change throughout the calendar year. The next issues of the publication are indicated under the numbers.

During the year, the journal "Development of Education" is published 4 times under the numbers – No 1, No 2, No 3, No 4.