Journal "Development of education" Vol 7, No 3

Development of education
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Development of education
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Chuvash Republican Institute of Education of the Ministry of Education and Youth Policy of the Chuvash Republic
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About the Journal

"Development of Education" is a scientific journal presenting the results of research in the field of pedagogy, psychology and related fields of humanitarian knowledge. Thematically focused on general pedagogical issues and specific problems of psychology primarily related to educational problems, the publication is addressed to the Russian and foreign scientific community whose field of interest is the latest results of fundamental and applied research applicable to the educational sphere.

All the articles published in the journal go through independent and editorial peer-reviewing.

The journal has an editorial board and an editorial council.

Papers are accepted for publication in Russian, English and Chuvash languages.


  • 1. Pedagogy and Modern Education
  • 2. Psychology in Education
  • 4. Reviews and Peer-Reviews
  • 5. Practice
  • 6. Discussion